Case study

Resolving Billing Woes: How Legal Intervention Recovered Substantial Savings for a Struggling Sole Trader

In the realm of business, even the minutest discrepancies can lead to significant financial implications. Discover how a diligent sole trader navigated the complexities of an electricity billing issue, with legal intervention leading to substantial savings and swift resolution before court proceedings even began.
Walczak & Ignaszak Law Company


A sole trader had a problem with his electricity billing. Incoming invoices did not take into account the discount that was supposed to be applied due to the use of the support programme adopted by the State.

The issue

The key issue became the interpretation of the conditions for applying the discount in question in this particular case. It had to be demonstrated that the statement submitted by the Client had the elements determining the right to receive the discount.

What we did

The Law Firm sent a letter to the power company raising arguments supporting the Client’s position. Thanks to the Law Firm’s involvement, the Client’s demands were accepted by the power company already at the pre-court stage.

The result

As a result of the invoice adjustment, the Client saved tens of thousands of zlotys and the time it would have taken to litigate in court, which is, after all, so important in the business world.

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