Business with Africa – has been continued.

Africa has been an object of attorney Piotr Walczak's fascination for several years. Some time ago, he was also a co-organiser of the Business with Africa conference, and the experience he gained then bears fruit today.
Walczak & Ignaszak Law Company

 International business is one of the main pillars of our law firm’s activities. It comes as no surprise, then, that with a bold step and packed with additional years of experience we are setting off for Africa. The economic mission in which we will participate as a law firm will mainly consist in supporting Polish entrepreneurs in doing business in Nigeria. Our task is to attend meetings in Lagos and Abuja aimed at establishing the legal foundations for cooperation between Polish and Nigerian companies from various sectors of the economy.

Africa is and will certainly be one of the main areas of interest for our law firm over the coming years. Business wants to be in Africa and lawyers need to keep up with the developments too.

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